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Speed Week - August 2014


    Bonneville Salt Flats / August 2014

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Well, the picture above tells the story of Speed Week 2014.

    Mother Nature just didn’t give us a break.

    The rain was relentless and the SCTA had no other option. Speed Week 2014 was cancelled. 
    It goes without saying that Ali and her team were very disappointed. But we also feel the disappointment for all the other drivers, teams, fans and spectators that converged on the ‘salt’ from literally all corners of the globe.
    Unbelievable time and expense was spent to bring teams and cars and motorcycles from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and North and South America.The SCTA did an amazing job keeping us informed of track and pit conditions with multiple updates daily on facebook and their website. 

    However all is not lost, the SCTA is responding to requests by our racing community to expand the normal World Finals event to one full week of racing due to the RAIN OUT at our regularly scheduled Speed Week this year. The SCTA Board is listening and we are going to give the racers and LSR fans what they want.

    We are working on the details, so stay tuned to get the most up-to-date information on this exciting announcement. The SCTA will be posting the details by this weekend on both our Facebook page and right here.

    We are going to continue Speed Week with the program remaining and participant merchandise from Speed Week being distributed to all Speed Week and World Finals competitors.

    Racing will start on Saturday, Sep 27th and continue through Friday, Oct 3rd 2014. Many more details to follow. Click here for latest SCTA information.

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The Ohio Mile - 2014



    The Ohio Mile / May 2014

    In the world of Land Speed Racing (LRS), there are only a handful of venues at which one can compete. Speed Week at the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats definitely receives the most press and notarity. Speed Week and World Finals at Bonneville are put on by the SCTA, which is the Southern California timing Association. They also put on the El Mirage event near Victorville/Adelanto CA. The World of Speed event at Bonneville is overseen by the USFRA, which is the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association.

    The East coast isn’t without its LSR venues. The ECTA which is the East Coast Timing Association, several times each year puts on a very well organized and exciting racing event on a seldom used landing strip in the quiet little town of Wilmington Ohio, as well as other venues. 

    Ali and her racing team have just returned from the 3600 mile trip from Salt Lake City to Wilmington and back. The trip was filled with anticipation of racing and excitement from the tornado saturated front we drove thru in Nebraska on the way to Ohio. 

    The two days at Wilmington could not have been more successful for Ali and her team. In short we (Ali) made 8 runs down the one mile concrete track and we set eight, yes that’s right eight, new course records. We were and are still elated. Check out the ECTA website and see all the records we set. We took our silver G/BSTR and thanks to upward class changes we set records in G/BSTR, G/BFR, G/BGR, G/BGMR,G/BFMR. Then we moved up a class from G/ class to F/ class and with our G engined roadster set the following F/class records… F/BSTR, F/BFR & F/BGMR. The return trip was filled with smiles from everyone. 

    To date Youngbloods Hot Rods and ‘Hot Rod’ Ali and her racing team have broken 20 World and Course Land Speed Records at Bonneville, El Mirage and The Ohio Mile. Thanks for checking in and your support of ‘Hot Rod’ Ali and her amazing race team. 

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El Mirage November 2013

  • El Mirage California - November 2013

    Ali at El Mirage


    El Mirage Dry Lake / November 2013


    Our display at the SEMA trade show was winding down and were gearing up for our first visit to the dry lake track at El Mirage California. El mirage is just a hop, skip and a long jump off of I-15 at Victorville. Ali and JD left SEMA early Friday morning with the G/BSTR (silver car) and headed to El Mirage, While Don, Barry, Skip and Michael closed down the display of our new F/BSTR (blue car) at SEMA.

     We all met up after midnight in Victorville. Early the next morning we were off to El Mirage. The drive from the asphalt to the track was like driving in dense fog, but it wasn’t for it was dust. Nevertheless we made it and at 8:00 am we all attended the drivers meeting and the event was officially on.

    Since this was our first visit to El Mirage we were designated with the dubious “Rookie” status. Ali made her rookie run and it went well. She ran just over 130, but wasn’t really trying… just trying to get a ‘feel’ for the track. Then on Sunday with the ‘rookie’ moniker removed she went for the record. The existing record was 146.573, and Ali ran just over 161.339. Another new record for Ali. That makes 12 world land speed records for Ali. Continue to follow us,


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World of Speed at Bonneville 2013

  • World of Speed / World Finals at Bonneville 2013

    WET SALT 1

     Well, this has been quite as season for ‘Hot Rod’ Ali’s World Record Racing Team. Speed Week was a real mixed bag of events, read the story directly below this one. 

    Prepare yourself, this is going to be one of those good news, bad news stories. First the bad news, the USFRA cancelled World of Speed due to the fact that all the race courses and the pits were inches deep in water. We were disappointed but looked forward to Speed Finals for some redemption. Well, on September 24th the SCTA cancelled Speed Finals for the same reasons. Where did all this rain come from? Utah had a very hot summer.
    Oh Well! 

    There is, however, a silver lining to those gray clouds that dumped all that rain on the Salt Flats. Don at Youngbloods’ Hot Rods was able to spend a little more time on the build of Ali’s 3rd car. This one will be a ‘F’ class, blown street roadster.So the good news is that when Ali leaves the SEMA show in Las Vegas on November 8th , Ali and her ‘F’ and her ‘G’ class roadsters are headed to the SCTA race event at El Mirage California. This will be a first for Ali and JD, as El Mirage is a dry lake bed. No salt surface here. 

    Ali is very excited to run her silver and the new blue car at El Mirage. If you are going to be in the area, join us. November 9th and 10th at El Mirage, just a short drive off of I-15 near Victorville. Visit the SCTA web site for dates, times and directions. Link below.


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Speed Week at Bonneville 2013

  • AUGUST 10-16, 2013

    tn DSC_9851




    Speed Week 2013 was a real mixed bag for ‘Hot Rod’ Ali and her World Record Racing Team. We were so excited to get back on the salt. Our ‘H’ class roadster was in the process of have our AEM engine management system upgraded and a new Garrett Turbo installed so we took we took our ‘G’ class Street Roadster.


    We did set a new record, but it wasn’t the one we planned on. We set a personal record for the most times at one event that we have spun out. Yes, that right… spun out. believe me it’s not a record we wanted, but we spun out 4 different times. Each time we

    spun it was between 155 and 165 mph.


    We are still trying to determine who or what to blame for the spins. We weren’t the only ones that joined the spin out club during Speed Week, many others were doing the spin dance on the salt too. We were told of approximately 50 other spins. So we are going to lay the ‘spin blame’ on the salt conditions.


    Watch for us September 7-10 at World of Speed at Bonneville.  


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World Finals at Bonneville 2012

  •  OCTOBER 3-6th, 2012

    ali and son

    It looks like the weather will cooperate this year.  Yeah!  Sadly enough, we ran out of time and the purple car didn't get fixed in time. 

    We put a new clutch in the silver car.  It was my first time racing the silver car. 

    Long story short, I set a new record even with losing boost and brakes; I went over 175mph to get my next license and I re-set my record at 174.022mph. 

    This race ends this season.  We are looking forward to 2013 on the Salt!

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World of Speed at Bonneville 2012

  • SEPTEMBER 8-11th, 2012

    world of speed 2012 team picBoth cars were ready to race!  Unfortunately, the clutch in the silver car was no match for the power.  It made one and only run during the week. 

    The purple car rocked as usual.  I was able to break my own record that I set in August.  I upped it to 159.442mph.  We decided to take the headlights and fenders off and raced in a different class. 

    My brother was able to break the record, but was unable to back it up because the inertia switch tripped.  He went for the record again but the engine didn't cooperate. 

    Both cars are done until next month.


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Speed Week at Bonneville 2012

  • AUGUST 11-17th, 2012 

    Ali and JD Youngblood

    We are picking up where we left off last October 2011.  One major difference is that we added a new race car to the mix.  During Speed Week 2012, we will be racing both cars.  We will be going after the world records in the H/BSTR and G/BSTR classes.  For Speed Week, Ali will drive the purple race car and JD will drive the new silver race car. 

    Several runs were made in each car.  Two new world records were obtained!  Ali holds the new world record in the H/BSTR class and JD and Chris both broke the record in the G/BSTR class.  Our race team currently holds records in three classes (H/STR. H/BSTR. & G/BSTR).  Ali holds two of them. 

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World Finals at Bonneville 2011

  •  OCTOBER 6-9th, 2011

    A picture of the salt after the rain in October 2011

    We were really excited about our return to the 'salt' in October 2011.  We totally rebuilt the motor and found the factory error that most likely caused the melt down of the #1 piston.

    We had been through tech and were on the starting line at 7:55am ready to race when the rain started.  It rained and rained.  The Bonneville Salt Flats soon became a lake.  Even though the sun came out later, the damage had been done.  The World Finals were cancelled and we would have to wait 10 months to race again.  Bummer!  On the bright side, the standing water on the salt made for some amazing pictures!

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World of Speed at Bonneville 2011

  •  SEPTEMBER 11-14th, 2011

    Ali's purple car for 2011 and 2012

    We are picking up where we left off in August.  JD will drive the car with the turbo installed & his sister Ali will drive without the turbo. She will try to break her brothers world record. Ali made 3 runs and surpassed her brother’s record and is now the SCTA Official World Record holder.  JD, with turbo, made an attempt at the H/BSTR record of 134 mph and at 168 mph melted a hole in #1 piston.

    Check out the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association's Website and Schedule.

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Speed Week at Bonneville 2011

  • AUGUST 13–19th, 2011

    2011 Car pic

    Ali's 'H' Class Street Roadster rolled out of its trailer and felt the salt under its' tires for the first time. It was hot, with a beautiful blue sky on that August morning in 2011.

    Our first stop was at technical inspection, where we caused a bit of a stir as several of the inspectors commented on the 'show quality' of the car. With a minor adjustment or two we were out of tech and on our way to the starting line.

    During the next six days we made 15 runs of which 14 of them exceeded the world record.

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